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Sep 19, 2014: Announcing the arrival of new Aurorashow hardware including the X3-SPLIT!
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Nov 26, 2013: Aurora 2 beta 1 has been released to new and existing customers.
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Introducing the Aurorashow X3-SPLIT!

The X3-Split is your all around data wiring problem solver. Compatible with DMX, D-Light, and LOR protocols, the X3-SPLIT splits your data line three ways making your display wiring easier. Each of the three branches are boosted to full signal strength to improve the performance of your longer cable runs. In addition, each output is optically isolated and power source isolated to protect your upstream PC / devices and to solve any ground loop issues.

The X3-SPLIT has 3-pin XLR connections on the back panel and RJ45 connections on the front panel which are individually user selectable between D-Light/LOR wiring and J1Sys/Lynx/DMX wiring. There is even a dual wiring mode available to simplify your display wiring (no more adapter cables)! Learn More

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